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Portapint Drinks Dispensers

Portapint Drinks Dispensers

PortaPint Dispensers 25C and 50C

We have received the newly designed rebranded PortaPint dispensers and they look great. The new dispensers are now available to buy on our website. Ideal for events, home bars or as a self serve unit for a restaurant.

Portapint draught beer dispensers are compact, portable beer dispensing systems that are designed to allow users to enjoy a draft beer experience from anywhere. These dispensers are typically used at outdoor events, parties, and other locations where a traditional draft beer setup is not available.

One of the main benefits of Portapint draught beer dispensers is their portability. The compact design of the dispenser makes it easy to transport and set up, and it can be used just about anywhere. The dispensers are also easy to operate, making them a great option for parties and events where a traditional bartender may not be available.

Available as a single or twin tap unit with dry cooling technology and built in air compressor, they allow a plug in and pour solution.

Portapint 50C Twin tap dispenser

Wrapped Portapint dispenser

Portapint dispensers can also be fitted witha vinyl wrap. Please contact us for current prices for this service when making a purchase.

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