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What are Lindr and Portapint Dispensers

What are Lindr and PortaPint dispensers?

What are Lindr and PortaPint dispensers?

They are beer dispensers that allow for the dispensing of beer from kegs in a convenient and efficient manner. It is designed to keep beer at a consistent temperature and pressure, ensuring that each pour is consistent and of high quality.

Lindr/Portapint beer dispensers work by utilising a refrigeration system that cools the beer down to the desired temperature, typically between 32-45°F (0-7°C), depending on the type of beer being served. The beer is then pressurized using a CO2 canister or the built in air compressor, which helps to maintain the carbonation level of the beer and ensure that it pours properly.

The dispenser typically has one or more faucets (taps depending on model), which allow the user to pour the beer into a glass or other container. These beer dispensers also come with a drip tray to catch any spills or overflow.

Lindr/Portapint beer dispensers are often used in commercial settings such as bars, restaurants, and breweries, but they are also popular for home use among beer enthusiasts who want to enjoy fresh, cold draft beer without the hassle of traditional keg systems.

Lindr and Portapint beer machines

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